Spirits of the Law

Whiskey Flights & News Bites (File No. 002)

Episode Summary

Wet your whistle with a tasting flight of BC's finest (or not so finest) whiskies, care of the Vancouver Writer's Festival, and whet your appetite for information with a spread of legal news from across Canada and around the world. Matthew and Sarah cover the near-nationwide ban on the commercial sale of hunted meat, the fun reasons you might want to read EVERY word of your contract, improved archeological protections in BC, the right to repair electronic devices, the seal hunt, and BC's still-terrible liquor laws.

Episode Notes

Whiskies featured:

News Bites:
Hunted game is mostly illegal, but chefs argue for the vibrant taste only found outside the farm
This Georgia teacher read the fine print — and won $13K
B.C. strengthens protections of heritage, archeological sites with updated law
Canada gets closer to a right to repair law
'It's our way of life': Inuit designers are reclaiming the tarnished sealskin trade
The cocktail cops: How patchy provincial liquor laws are holding back our drink masters